EPC Contractor

Romelectro is one of Romania’s most important EPC Contractors, covering with its projects the entire energy chain: power generation, transmission, distribution and supply.

Romelectro develops complex projects that involve all engineering disciplines: termal, electric, hidro, mecanical, automation, civil, architecture, instalations, environmental protection. Having the advantage of complex references and the support of the most important engineering organization in Romania, Romelectro can deliver turnkey solutions, answering to its clients’ needs.

The business field covers:
•    Thermal Power Plants coal or natural gas fired (TPP)
•    Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHPP)
•    Hydro Power Plants (HPP)
•    Renewable energy
•    High and medium voltage overhead transmission lines and electrical substations
•    Environmental projects addressed to energy and industrial sector
•    Industry: reengineering of the energetic concepts, power sources, power quality, and energy efficiency.